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If you would like to make a monetary donation, we are happy to do the shopping for you. Please
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Food Donation

Please list the food item you are contributing. If made a financial donation list fund. If joining in and donating time only list time and N/A for qty.


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Laundry Baskets

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Monetary Donation - Only $45 feeds a family!

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Please complete the section below if you would like to be a delivery driver.All information remains confidential.

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We encourage that all drivers deliver in pairs, we can match you up if you would like.

Delivery Driver Safety and Comfort

Our families live in a variety of neighborhoods and we would like to ensure the safety and comfort of our drivers. Please select which best applies to you:

Please match me with a passenger

We encourage that all drivers deliver in pairs, we are happy to connect you with other volunteers to deliver together if you would like.

Delivery Cities

since our families are in need they live everywhere that can best support their income, locations vary from Grant to Titusville.  Delivery locations are assigned on first come first serve basis in order of volunteer registration.  We will do our best to match you with your desired location, and we also ask for volunteers to be flexible, supportive, and remember that due to their circumstances most families will not live close to your home community.

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As you can imagine we have thousands of frozen turkeys and food items to be delivered the day of.  This food is perishable and must be delivered in a timely manner.   Please note that unless other arrangements are made to hold baskets for you for a late arrival or delivery, we will need to disperse any remaining envelopes with family information by 12:30 PM.  IF you are in need of a later arrival or delivery please note this below and/or contact us before the Brigade.

Monday Delivery Drivers Needed

Due to unforeseen circumstances each year a few baskets are not able to be delivered day of, we do our best to ensure that these families still receive a Thanksgiving meal. We are  in need of volunteers who are able to connect with these families directly and coordinate a delivery time for their baskets.  We provide you with the food to take with you on Sunday in advance.

Team Captains

If you would like to join our Team Captains (more involved role in the Brigade, be part of our Saturday set up) please comment below and we will send you the information.

fundraiser or food drive

If you would like to coordinate a fundraiser, food drive, or special event for our Brigade please comment below. This is a great option for individuals, companies, if you (or your kids) are involved in any sports teams, clubs, organizations). We will help support you in anyway we can and provide the materials to make it happen.
Please check all that you may be interested in:

Halloweeen Charity Gala

We are excited to announce our 1st Annual Halloween Charity Gala!  You are invited to Party with a Purpose!  Everyone will enjoy appetizers, hors d’ouevres, complimentary signature drinks during cocktail hour, drink tickets, delicious dinner, dancing, DJ Shane, raffle prizes, games, costume contests and more!    Drink tickets, unlimited beer and wine, and open bar available!  


This is event is only possible because of YOU, members of our Space Coast Community.  Thank you for your amazing support, donations, time, effort, resources, creativity, and contributions!  You are all amazing!
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